AKPsi 2016 fall rush

AKPsi represents some of the most exceptional and interesting business-minded students on campus, and joining AKPsi gives new members access to these brothers not only as mentors and resources but also as friends. Additionally, we host numerous industry information and preparation workshops that ensure that our members are fully prepared for the upcoming recruitment cycles in industries such as banking, entrepreneurship, consulting, marketing, and tech. We, in addition to our robust professional facets, pride ourselves on the close-knit community and bonds within our brotherhood. We have weekly chapter meetings in which we discuss upcoming events, updates from members, as well as have fun while doing bonding activities. We also have several brotherhood events throughout each quarter that allow brothers to fraternize and socialize over food, games (bowling and poker are the favorites), and fun.

Rush Week Schedule:

Wednesday (9/28): Info Session | 6:30pm-7:30pm | Swift 107
Sunday (10/2): Info Session | 7pm-8pm | Swift 107
Monday (10/3): Networking Session | 7pm-8:30pm | Swift 107
Wednesday (10/5): Group Dinners* | 6pm-8pm | TBD
Thursday (10/6): Group Interviews* | 5pm-8pm | TBD
Friday (10/7): Individual Interviews* | 4pm-8pm | TBD

APPLY: http://www.nuakpsi.org/application-form/
Applications are due on Monday, October 3rd
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to rush.nu.akpsi@gmail.com
* Indicates event is invite only
Applicants are highly encouraged to attend all open events.